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Happy Pack | Unicorns

Happy Pack | Unicorns

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There's more than just rainbows and unicorns with this colorful happy pack! That's because there is a Mighty Sharpener in it as well! You can stay sharp all day long while sketching and jotting down all the wonderful ideas you have, and with the jumbo scented eraser, you can wipe out not just a few mistakes, but all the mistakes!

There's fun and excitement at the end of the Rainbow Buddy Vanilla Scented eraser that you get with this happy pack! Its big size makes it easy to rub out big mistakes, or use it as a new creative tool to make new shapes. Its fruity scent makes it extra fun to use too! The 12 included #2 graphite pencils are perfect for both jotting and sketching, and you can keep them sharp with the no-mess Mighty Sharpener too! Makes for a great gift or party favor.

  • 12 Unique Funtastic Friends Graphite Pencils with #2 graphite for sketching and jotting notes
  • Rainbow Buddy Scented Eraser to easily wipe away all the mistakes
  • Mighty Sharpener to keep pencils sharp and contain the pencil shavings (Color will vary)*
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